1-2-1 Conclave

1-2-1 meeting means person to person meeting to discuss and explain who you are? what do you do? What is your achievement? Who are your clients? With whom you are associated with? and many more.
This kind of personal meetings (means 1-2-1 meeting (one to one meeting)) help establish trust relationships with each other and it builds confidence in 1-2-1 meeting partners to refer one member to others who may be looking for products or services it offers and generate business opportunities to grow business in turn.
1-2-1 Conclave is an event where many such 1-2-1 meetings take place simultaneously. It can be amongst all the members of one organisation like any Social Organisation or Samaj or Rotary Means Business Chapter, BNI Chapter or even multiple chapters of a region of any organisation.
Astar Technologies offers a smart online tool to manage such 1-2-1 conclave events on SaaS (Software as a Service) model, host over one of our clouds.

This Tool Enables Administrators to Manage


Business information

1-2-1 slots with duration of each slot

Username and password

Date and venue of 1-2-1 conclave

List of 1-2-1 requests generated

Personal information of members

Description of the event

Status of 1-2-1 requests

It enables members to

Search and select member to do 1-2-1 meeting for each time slot.

The other end member can click on a link in that text message (SMS) or email to accept or reject 1-2-1 request.

The member who has initiated the 1-2-1 meeting request gets informed through (SMS) and email about acceptance or rejection.

Administrator is able to review count of such 1-2-1 requests generated for each 1-2-1 time slot along with its status like accepted / rejected / pending.

Additional features are available on request like

Members Directory

Table arrangement plan

Share documents with 1-2-1 partners

Reminder SMS


Reminder Email


Manage Documents like biodata, GAINS profile etc. for each member.

Table allotment for each 1-2-1 slot

This tool is available for

Single event subscription for one chapter

Single event subscription for multiple chapters

1 year subscription for one chapter