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What is Ultra Smart Mailer?

This is an online application designed to manage your mass mailing requirements. It manages your email templates (Newsletters, Advertisement Templates etc.) in HTML or Text Format. It manages your recipient database in details and also allows you to schedule your Campaigns.

For whom is Ultra Smart Mailer?

This application is for those who want to reach out millions through emails. This application can be used for marketing purpose by running ad campaigns, for sharing information like newsletters or spreading message among your private group in just one click.

How does Ultra Smart Mailer work?

Register online. Upload your recipient database (individually or via XLS/CSV file in one go). Set up your email templates in HTML or Text format. You can schedule your campaign or choose to send mails immediately.

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Mass Emailing Software

Why choose Ultra Smart Mailer?

Check out this list of best features, for which should you use this software:

  • Mass Mailer

    Send unlimited emails in mass. Keep a ready database of recipients and templates and keep blasting the world.

  • Template Management

    Create HTML templates through integrated HTML Editor or bring it from designers. Store them at Template Library and use them as desire.

  • Recipient Management

    Create Recipient Groups with their full details and store them. Send mails to multiple groups, one group or individual in any combinations.

  • Campaign Scheduler

    Plan your Campaign, Choose template, Choose Recipients and fix up time. Scheduler will work for you while you are away.

  • Track the Clicks

    It stores details of recipients who clicked on your mail. You can track those interested prospects.

  • Available Anywhere

    Cloud technology with Software as a Service (SAAS) concept makes it available anywhere online.